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          2. 關于我們

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            • 愛克斯曼使命our mission

              不斷提升無紡布行業裝備制造水平,為客戶創造價值To constantly upgrade machinery in nonwoven industry and to create value for customers

            • 愛克斯曼愿景our goal

              締造無紡設備第一品牌To be the top brand for nonwoven equipment

            • 價值觀Our values

              團隊第一 Team comes first

              誠信 integrity

              熱愛 devotion

              勇于承擔 sense of responsibility

            • 行為準則Code of conduct

              明確目標Well defined goals

              立即行動 Immediate action

              專注 Focus on

              做正確的事,不做容易的事 Do the right thing, Not the easy thing